Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Staying at Horseshoe Acres

We stayed at Horseshoe Acres for two weeks, while waiting to nail down a start date with Amazon. The owner was kind enough to pro-rate us at the monthly rate, which is currently $400.00. This is a park with mostly long-term residents, but its well-kept, with plenty of trees and nice size lots. We understand the owner bought the park a few years ago, and he has been working hard to upgrade both the park and the lots.
 Address: 12050 St Rt 70 West, Bremen, KY 42325

 Dog Friendly: The park doesn't have a dog yard, but there are plenty of open spaces to walk a dog. 
Motorcycle Friendly: The park isn't very motorcycle friendly.The park's roads are fairly rough gravel. Also, the park is laid out as a one way circle, and the way out is down a very steep hill.
Cell Service/Wifi: You can occasionally get signal in the field near the children's playscape, but we had no signal in the RV.

Amenities: The park has two unisex bathrooms with showers, and also has a small laundry room. The bathrooms were recently renovated, are fairly clean, and the water is hot.
Getting There: The park is right off of Route 70, but be aware it is very rural and there is a lot of deer on the road. 
Know Before You Go: The owner has a second job, so may not be around when you first arrive. We were also advised to we could pick any open spot, but we noticed some of the spaces are pretty short and quite a few were fairly uneven. We would definitely suggest parking and walking through the park if you aren't assigned a spot.

Local Stuff: Did we mention the park is very rural? After a packed two weeks at the Winnebago Rally, we were definitely ready to enjoy a slower pace in the Kentucky countryside before heading on to Louisville. If you're looking for fun and excitement (and easy access to grocery stores) this may not be your kind of park.
And finally, a picture of the hill leading out of the park. It's even steeper than it looks!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Winnebago Grand Rally - Part II

 Thought we'd finish our coverage of the rally by answering some of the questions we had - and if you're wondering why we don't have many pictures of Puckerbush, somebody dropped and smashed their phone. Which had pictures of stuff like, you know, the parade. Oops!

A booklet of activities, along with a map, is provided in registration packet. The WIT club starts a new Facebook group for the Grand Rally each year, and its a good idea to join. That's where any announcements and last minute changes are posted. The rally also does have WiFi, but expect it be a little slow since the rally grounds will have 800 to 900 rigs!
There are people movers to get around the rally grounds and the schedule and route is also in the Rally booklet.
If you need to go anywhere in Forest City, there is a free shuttle service.
There are also plenty of golf carts to rent
There is a large red hall for vendors.  Most vendors will do installations at your campsite, but we didn't see many offering rally discounts. We did see a few products that had been marked up, though!
Next to the vendor hall are several tents. Most of the seminars are held in these tents - and there are seminars on pretty much anything!
There are also several restaurants on the rally grounds. We didn't get a chance to try everything, but the Flying W's spud buffet was pretty good.
Our favorite though was Scoopy's -
maybe because of the size of their "two scoops"? We recommend the cheesecake - before it runs out, of course!
The WIT Club and Museum is just across the street (and the train tracks) from the rally grounds. The shuttle makes regular runs, but its just as easy to walk over.
The WIT Club has a store with Winnebago stuff. The volunteers also run the plant tours. Make sure to sign up for the tours early - the tours fill up fast.
There is generally a few models parked in the parking lot, for people to check out. There are also more models parked near the red vendor barn. We'd been trying to check out the floor plan of the 22M for some time - and there was two 22Ms at the rally.  After we looked at it, we kind of liked the Fuse better. Maybe someday we can downsize?
The museum is free and has a lot of interesting memorabilia, as well as these two campers. The old trailer had an icebox instead of a fridge - and the Brave had no cruise control or GPS. Nice campers - but we'll keep our technology!
And finally, a quote from John Hanson. Can you tell he was a Midwest business man? 

Stay Tuned for Part III - Repairs and A (Minor) Emergency!