Monday, April 15, 2019

Mardi Gras - Alabama Style!

Oh look, its another post! Although we're pretty sure nobody is reading anymore. Mardi Gras for us started with an entire CASE of coconut moon pies.
Oh yes, they make coconut moon pies - so good, all of our crew begs for bites.
We also picked up a king cake from Rouse's  and then, finally, finally made a real Mardi Gras parade. This one was in Foley, which is one of the smaller parades in the area. Enjoy!

Next post - we promise to stop just posting pictures and actually catch back up on life stuff!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ballyhoo - Free!

What the heck is Ballyhoo? It's a local Gulf Shores festival that takes place in early March and attendance is free! We recommend checking the Mullet Wrapper for details, because the Gulf Shore Alliance generally offers off site parking and shuttle service to the event.

The festival has artisans, food trucks, and also features dancing by the Poarch Creek American Natives, which is a tribe of Creek Native Americans. There was a wide range of costumes and dancing, although most of the dances were the more modern "pow wow" styles. Enjoy!

We Need A Bigger Boat!

So we may have gotten a little lazy about this whole blogging thing....
"A little?"
All right, Crockett, you have a point. So, in a sad (and probably futile) attempt to catch this blog up, we're throwing up some photo heavy posts. 

Um, that came out wrong...

Moving on! These first photos are from our trip to see replicas of two very famous tall ships, the Niña and the Pinta. The Columbus Foundation sails these two ships into different ports throughout the year. Both ships are caravels and are surprisingly tiny - even though the "new" Pinta was built slightly larger than the original. 


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Getting a Handle On RV Repairs

 In Louisiana, in the middle of dealing with the storm, this happened. Since  everyone keeps asking for more pictures of the crew, we will let them help tell the rest of this story.
"Woah, mom! Easy on the RV!!"
 That's right, I go to leave  - and the handle came off in my hand. I examine the handle, hoping it was just a loose bolt or something, but nope, the metal has actually sheered off! The Biker, thinking quickly, dives out the front passenger door and lockes our entrance door from the outside with his keys. 
 "Um, guys? Could you please fix this door? I am getting tired of having to go in and out the front cab just for a walk!"
 Relax, Crockett. Winnebago sends parts in two days - even for 1999 Itascas. Thank you, Winnebago! 
 The Biker pulls out his trusty drill, lines up a few holes, and voila!
 We have a door handle again!
 "Good job! This means more walks, right?"
 This also means we can use the screen door on again!
 "Um, Mom? It's January and 40 degrees. Why is this door open?!?"

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Alabama by Way of Texarkana

We are currently enjoying a sleepy Sunday afternoon in Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale.
A very sleepy Sunday! In an attempt to get this blog back on track, lets back up to Friday, December 21st.
Amazon Camperforce is done for the year, so we leave Fort Bluegrass and Louisville. After spending a second year here, we are growing attached to this city, with its many funky restaurants and um, interesting driving habits. Always wait a few seconds when the light turns green in this town - just saying!
Our original plan was to follow our route last year, taking a leisurely week-long stroll down down 65 to Alabama but
it turns out its time for The Biker to renew his license in person. Which means we need to drive to Texarkana, first.
So we leave Kentucky then swing west, through Arkansas.
We crate the crew when we drive, so we drive for a few hours then pull over in rest areas and Walmarts to let everybody stretch. Not what we planned for Christmas, but at least we have holiday lights to enjoy - even if its just a beautiful full moon and a whole lot of semi lights!
We finally reach Texarkana on December 26th. Getting the license only takes an hour. After Lousville, the warmer Texas weather is glorious!
It's also true gulf state weather - devious and sneaky. A big storm front moves in just hours after this picture is taken. We spend the night in a torential downpour, as high winds rock our RV from side to side.
The next morning, we pack up the crew and check the radar. The storm is heading east and so are we. Sigh. It can be dangerous to drive a high profile vehicle like ours in high winds, so we decide we will just drive until we reach the storm's edge - and then pull over.
We spend the next day slooowly driving through Louisiana, playing our own version of storm chaser.
Eventually the storm stalls out over Missippi. We have no choice but to pull over at a truck stop in Louisiana and wait it out. 
We finally reach Missippi on December 28th, a whole lot later than we planned -
only to discover that there are road closures ahead! The storm has dumped so much rain, bridges are underwater. We talk to a very nice Department of Traffic person who is directing traffic and she tells us our best bet is to detour an hour or so north.
We aren't exactly happy about this, but we check Allstays and the detour will send us toward the Alabama Welcome Center in Cuba. We change plans (again!) and decide to head to the Welcome Center, where we can either wait out the storm or push through.
Of course, when we arrive, the radar shows the storm is just passing through Gulf Shore. We asphalt camp for the night, waiting once again for the durn storm to move along. At least this is a really pretty Welcome Center!
We make it to Gulf Shores late Saturday afternoon. The ground is incredibly soggy from the storm, so we park and resign ourselves to having to level out again when things dry out. At least we made it safe and sound!