Monday, October 16, 2017

We Interrupt This Blog for One Spoiled Husky!

Fall is here!

Although we would much rather be south, there is one enormous benefit to being in Indiana. Crockett is enjoying his first true fall!
The weather is cool and brisk, which means a certain ten year old husky has come down with-
 a bad case of puppy zooms!
 The RV park doesn't have a fenced in dog yard, so we've been sneaking down to the nearby tennis court.
Nobody seems to be using it, and a tennis court is just the right size for a husky with the fall crazies!
Oh, yeah, that was a much needed run, followed by-
stretching out for some prime time squirrel watching! The RV park has a lot of black walnut and oak trees, which means we currently have 24/7 squirrel TV. Pretty sure life doesn't get much better than this!


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