Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Armadillo - Our Motorcycle Carrier

The Armadillo - Our Motorcycle Carrier

We looked at a LOT of ways to haul the motorcycle

After a while, it began to feel like a Dr. Suess rhyme. Open trailer, closed trailer, big trailer, little trailer. We kept coming back to Iron Horse's clamshell design. Lightweight, enclosed - and expensive. New ones run around $5,000-$6,000. Ouch! 

Then this sweet motorcycle trailer came up on craigslist

 We called and the seller told us it was already sold. Darn! A few hours, we got a call from the seller-the buyer decided he didn't want to make the drive to pick it up. We immediately zoomed down the road to get it. It's called a 'Toy Carrier' - and nope, we had never heard of the brand, either!
Somebody needs to get a hold of the rights to these trailers

We did some checking and it looks like the fellow who was making these trailers sold the rights to another company. As far as we can tell, that company has never started production. Which is crazy, because there is definitely a need for more lightweight motorcycle trailers. 

If you do find one used, check your windshield and mirrors!

Our current Shadow is an 1100 Spirit. It's a little bit of a tight fit for our mirrors. Otherwise, we love it! Our current bike's wet weight is around 650 lbs and the trailer is designed to carry an 800 lb bike.

Here is the loading system

There are screws to secure all three loading plates once the bike is loaded. The middle one is metal, the outside two are heavy plastic. To give you an idea of the size, here is the Armadillo with a biker inside. As you can see it's pretty roomy - and even has space to carry a few extra tools! Sweet!
9/25/17 -Update! A couple pulled in last week, pulling a tandem Iron Horse They trailer. We asked how they liked their trailer, and they told us they like the flexibility; they can either tow the motorcycle or their smart car. 

They are considering sell ingit, however, and buy an aluminum enclosed trailer. They feel that they just have to be too careful because it's fiberglass. Here's pictures of their trailer closed and with the tailgate down. (The top hinges up as well)


  1. Hi, mostlylost
    Nice trailer! I came here from your link in the comments section on RVSue’s Blog.
    I’ve never seen an enclosed Trailer for Motorcycles while on some RV-journeys in the US.
    Thank you for your info.


    1. Hi, fellow Blogorino!

      Yes, there is are a few enclosed motorcycle trailer models out there, but not many. And thanks for the reminder! Somebody pulled in last week with an Iron Horse enclosed trailer and I got his opinion on it, so I need to update this page!

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