Monday, July 3, 2017

Staying at KOA Journey (Buffalo/I-40)

Staying at KOA Journey (Buffalo/I-40)

We stayed at KOA Journey for 1 night. We paid $45 ($40 but with an additional $5 tax) and reservations can be made online. The park is just off Hwy 40 and 1 hour from Nashville. This KOA is now being managed by a new and very friendly family, and it's clear they take a lot of pride in their park.

Address: 473 Barren Hollow Rd, Hurricane Mills, TN 37078

Dog Friendly: When we arrived, we were given a small bag of dog treats. Our husky is a fussy eater, but after some consideration, he decided these treats were pretty good! 

The camp has a nice size dog park, with grass, shade, and some dog toys. If you have a dog with a short muzzle or allergies, be aware there is leaf litter along the fence line.
Motorcycle Friendly: The KOA is mostly gravel, with one very narrow road into and out of the park. The pull through spots are short and very tight. It would be difficult to unload a motorcycle (or a tow vehicle) and you run the risk of being boxed in by your neighbors if the park is full.
Cell Service/Wifi: Verizon was 3 bars, without a booster. The park has wifi, and it was pretty fast, but slowed in the evening. Then again, the park was very full!
Amenities: The park has washers and dryers, and bathrooms with showers. Not only were the facilities clean, but the showers had great water pressure! It also a tiny convenience store. Like most KOAs, it's kid friendly. There is a kid's playground, a pool, and a nice shaded area with chairs for adults who want to relax while keeping an eye on swimming kids.
Getting There: The park is just off Hwy 40 and very easy to find. There is only one road into the park, but the rest of the park is laid out so traffic flows one way. 
Know Before You Go: There is quite a bit of highway noise and the lots are pretty level, but oddly laid out. Pull through spots are tight and your picnic table sits very close to both your neighbor's RV, and to the hook ups. This park does have propane, and its priced by the size of your tank.

Local Stuff:  The Loretta Lynn Ranch is practically next door and we understand the Log Cabin restaurant down the road is a good ol' Southern-style restaurant (but we didn't get a chance to eat there ourselves). There is also a Humphrey's County Museum and a memorial to the Waverly Train Explosion nearby, as well as a few other things to do. The nearest grocery store is a Walmart, which is 30 minutes away. Oh, and if you are interested in ghosts, Loretta Lynn's ranch was featured on Ghost Adventures!


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