Monday, August 7, 2017

Another Wonderful Saturday in Knoxville (Free!)

On Saturday, we packed another lunch and headed off for another day of exploring (free) things on Knoxville.  

Our first stop was the East Tennessee Veteran Cemetery on East Gov. John Sevier Highway. This is the new veteran's cemetery that was recently opened in 2011.
There was a beautiful monument to the families of soldiers near the entrance. Too often, we forget the sacrifices that these families make.
There are already 2500 interments in this cemetery. This is third veteran's cemetery in the area, a sobering reminder of East Tennessee's commitment to volunteering.
 When we visited, there was also a large flock of Canadian Geese resting during their migration. 
We only took a few pictures of this cemetery, since there were family members visiting their loved ones and we wanted to be respectful. More information on Gold Star Family monuments and the organization erecting these can be found here.

Next, we headed back to South Knoxville and Fort Dickerson Park. We stopped first at the Harold Lambert Overlook, which has a beautiful view of the Fort Dickerson Quarry.  Harold Lambert was a long time business owner in Knoxville, and well known for his support of different charities.
Then we continued along the park's road to the site of Fort Dickerson, a Civil War fort. 
 After the Union seized Knoxville, this fort was built on the other side of the Holston (now the Tennessee river) to protect the "back door" of Knoxville.
The fort is gone, but the ditch still remains, along with a depression where the ammunition bunker was, and three cannon.
 It was another gorgeous summer day in Knoxville, but we couldn't help thinking about how cold and miserable the men of both sides must have been in November, when the Confederates attempted (and failed) to take the fort.
It was Saturday but there were very few visitors, so we had one of the large picnic pavilions to ourselves. It was a perfect place to eat lunch and soak in the beauty of this park.

Full, we headed back to the main street to find the quarry. To access it, we had to loop around the park and then cross a set of railroad tracks. Click for directions.
There is a parking lot at the entrance, and beyond it, a gravel road which leads to another parking lot closer to the quarry. Since we were on a motorcycle, we choose to stop at the first parking lot, and walk in.
We were glad we choose to park, because the gravel road is badly rutted.
The road finally turned into a  small parking lot. There is a short walking trail just off the parking lot, or you can head down the main path to the quarry.
 We can see why this is such a popular swimming hole; the quarry is absolutely stunning. 
This was originally a marble quarry that closed in the 70's. Once the quarry closed and the pumping stopped, it quickly turned into a man-made lake.
 Well, we said swimming hole, but there were quite a few floats, too. Here is one  group who clearly takes floating very seriously!  

Know before you go: Both Fort Dickerson Park and Fort Dickerson Quarry are free, and an easy walk (even if you park at the quarry's first parking lot.) Alcohol is not allowed at the quarry, and the quarry is closed to swimming after Labor Day. 


  1. Hi, Mostlylost. Just clicked on your blog from RVSue's blog. You answered my question about YouTube. I clicked on follow with g but I usually go with getting emails. Hope I can figure out how to follow but, If not, I've bookmarked your site to come back and read your blogs. Are you on YouTube? This old dog is having problems learning new tricks on this computer, lol. I don't do Facebook, Twitter, etc. I'm looking for a Class C. I'll have to read up on yours. Take care and safe travels. Great (dog) traveling companion

    1. Hi!

      Sorry about the late reply - just saw your comment. For some reason, I didn't get an alert you had commented :(

      We love our Class C - its just the right size for the 2 of us, a dog, and 3 cats! I guess I need to do a post about why we choose a Class C, huh?

      I'll get right on that (and to answer your question - I've had youtube accounts when I was doing work with a volunteer organization, but not currently)

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