Tuesday, August 15, 2017

RV Kitchen: PBJ Trail Mix

RV Kitchen: PBJ Trail Mix 

Years ago, we dumped some nuts and dried fruit into a bag for a trip, only to discover we had accidentally created a trail mix that tastes like a PBJ sandwich! This trail mix has become our favorite go-to snack, especially since it's easy to make, inexpensive, and easy to take on the motorcycle. 

Note about ingredients: This recipe makes 76 ounces, which is enough to last two humans and one husky for about 4 weeks. Since this mix has to keep for an entire month, it's very important the peanuts are fresh. (Personally, we've had mixed results with peanuts from bulk stores, so we now just use Planters) 

Cost: If you have a bulk store in the area, you should be able to get the ingredients for a batch of trail mix for around $20-25. If you go with store bought ingredients, it will cost around $18-22. The ingredients we used this time cost us $18.12, which brings the cost to about 24 cents an ounce.

Nutrition: 1 ounce of trail mix has approximately 145 calories. Salt is going to to vary, depending on whether you get regular, lightly salted, or unsalted nuts (An ounce is a small handful of mix. For comparison, 1 oz of peanuts is 28 peanuts, and 1 oz of almonds is 20 almonds)

35 oz  - peanuts
15 oz - golden raisins
12 oz - dried cranberries
14 oz - almonds (smoked or natural)
Directions: Dump the peanuts and the golden raisins into a mixing bowl, making sure to save the bags. Mix until there are no more raisin clumps, then add the dried cranberries and mix again. Finally, add the almonds and stir again.
Eat a handful of trail mix for much-needed sustenance after such hard work, and store the rest in the bags you just saved. Make sure to pat yourself on the back for being good and recycling!
 One last tip: Since we only use Planters peanuts, we use the plastic container to store the extra trail mix. Heap the mix past the rim, then screw the lid down. Shake the container, add a little more mix to remove any air, then screw the lid tight. Store in a cool, dark place.

Oh and don't forget to share some with your husky😀


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