Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wait - Indiana?

We're Workamping Where?

August has turned into a flurry of emails while we try to find out where we will be in September.  Finally, Amazon tells us that we need to be in Sheperdsville, Kentucky on September 5th - but doesn't give us a list of campgrounds. After another politely worded email (sigh), we finally get a list of campgrounds.

 More Waiting

We call one of the parks, put our name on the list and then - wait. The next afternoon, we get a callback. They have room, so we make a reservation for September. In Indiana, across the river from Louisville. We're new to this RV thing, but we're pretty darn sure we are not supposed to be heading north in September.

Oh Well, We've Had A Wonderful Two Months

Yes, Raccoon Valley RV Park is an older park and the spaces are pretty tight, but it makes up for that in one thing - Escapees! We've had a blast meeting people and hanging out. We even all watched the eclipse together, but we, um, forgot to take photos. Ooops.

 Now We Gotta Pack!

 We're going to take a tiny break from blogging until we get to our next campsite. We've got to load a motorcycle, pack an RV, and then head up to Louisville. It's only a 4 hour trip, but we're going to break the trip into two days. Fred and Darla have told us of a great place to asphalt camp near Lexington and we hear there's a cafe nearby that's known for it's catfish and pie. We think it's our job as bloggers to check this rumor out.

Please Continue to Pray for Louisiana and Texas

 The friends we've talked to are all safe so far, but Hurricane Harvey is far from being through with dumping rain and possible tornadoes on the gulf coast. 


  1. why not ask Amazon to let ya'll work in Texas instead? I'm afraid ya'll are gonna get pretty darn cold...I hate cold. It goes all the way to my bones. There's Amazon in Murfreesboro but it gets cold there, too.

    1. We actually applied to both Amazon jobs in Texas (Haskell and San Marcos) but apparently Amazon sends all the new folks to Murfreeboro or Campbellsville. We've heard from several folks that Murfreeboro's parks are always full and people end up in a RV park in Nashville, driving 40 minutes plus in traffic. Yuk. So we choose Campbellsville - and then got sent to Sheperdsville, even further north!

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of your Amazon assignment, you get to put in your request for next year - and those requests are processed first. So we just need to shiver through until the end of December and then we should be able to get into one of the Texas jobs next year. We also already have January reservations for an RV park on the Gulfshores in Alabama, so we will break camp and head south as soon as the assignment is finished!!

  2. When I'm in Murfreesboro to see my kids, I always stay at the University's Tennessee Livestock Center, 1720 Greenland Dr.
    Contact Bonnie Millican at 615-898-5575 for reservations. At that time, I paid $115.24/wk incl. tax. They had 25 hookups w/water & 30 amp hookups. Had to use one of those blue canisters to dump or move your unit to that location. They've upgraded the camping area since then so prices have probably gone up accordingly. You can reach Bonnie at
    mullican@mtsu.edu. The university's website is
    Campus police patrols the area but I never experienced any problems with either students or the general public. Hope this helps.

    1. Thank you so much! That's very helpful - its good to know there is another option rather than driving in all the way from Nashville!!!