Monday, May 27, 2019

The Fabric of Our Lives

Well, its no longer cold - in fact, Alabama is having a heat wave. Time to pull up stakes (or at least pack the leveling blocks) and head to Indiana and some cooler temps. Its curtains for gulf living for a while! 
Talking about curtains....we finished another project! We found these cute curtains for crazy cheap at a Ross' and (with some help from a local seamstress here in the park) we hemmed them to the right length AND even added backing.  And then - 
Hmmm, that's not the right photo. That's dough for....
homemade noodles! 
Nope, that's a sticky bun from Warehouse Bakery.
Also, not the right photo. That's a beignet from Fish River Grill. Jeesh, you would think all we do is eat when we're at the gulf...
Ah hah! Here's the right photo. Do you spot something missing from this window?
 Yup, the valance! We removed the old valances and blinds from the two living room windows. Once we had some curtains to fit the windows - 
we ordered curtain tracks from, well, Curtain-Tracks
That's where the Airstream and vintage trailer crowd gets their replacement tracks from. The company has reasonable prices and good, sturdy (aka metal) products. 
We ordered ceiling curtain track kits, which came with instructions and ALL THE PARTS. Since we have long overhead cabinets above each window, installation was as simple as putting up the tracks, screwing the brackets into the cabinets, and hanging the curtains.
Since our windows are so big, we actually installed two tracks on each side. One track has sheers....
And the other track has blackout curtains. We went back and forth about whether to do two sets of curtains on each window, but we are glad we did. Now we just have to decide - do we want to continue to have valances in the bedroom? Or change over to curtains? Hmmmm...