Monday, April 15, 2019

Mardi Gras - Alabama Style!

Oh look, its another post! Although we're pretty sure nobody is reading anymore. Mardi Gras for us started with an entire CASE of coconut moon pies.
Oh yes, they make coconut moon pies - so good, all of our crew begs for bites.
We also picked up a king cake from Rouse's  and then, finally, finally made a real Mardi Gras parade. This one was in Foley, which is one of the smaller parades in the area. Enjoy!

Next post - we promise to stop just posting pictures and actually catch back up on life stuff!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ballyhoo - Free!

What the heck is Ballyhoo? It's a local Gulf Shores festival that takes place in early March and attendance is free! We recommend checking the Mullet Wrapper for details, because the Gulf Shore Alliance generally offers off site parking and shuttle service to the event.

The festival has artisans, food trucks, and also features dancing by the Poarch Creek American Natives, which is a tribe of Creek Native Americans. There was a wide range of costumes and dancing, although most of the dances were the more modern "pow wow" styles. Enjoy!

We Need A Bigger Boat!

So we may have gotten a little lazy about this whole blogging thing....
"A little?"
All right, Crockett, you have a point. So, in a sad (and probably futile) attempt to catch this blog up, we're throwing up some photo heavy posts. 

Um, that came out wrong...

Moving on! These first photos are from our trip to see replicas of two very famous tall ships, the Niña and the Pinta. The Columbus Foundation sails these two ships into different ports throughout the year. Both ships are caravels and are surprisingly tiny - even though the "new" Pinta was built slightly larger than the original.