Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Getting a Handle On RV Repairs

 In Louisiana, in the middle of dealing with the storm, this happened. Since  everyone keeps asking for more pictures of the crew, we will let them help tell the rest of this story.
"Woah, mom! Easy on the RV!!"
 That's right, I go to leave  - and the handle came off in my hand. I examine the handle, hoping it was just a loose bolt or something, but nope, the metal has actually sheered off! The Biker, thinking quickly, dives out the front passenger door and lockes our entrance door from the outside with his keys. 
 "Um, guys? Could you please fix this door? I am getting tired of having to go in and out the front cab just for a walk!"
 Relax, Crockett. Winnebago sends parts in two days - even for 1999 Itascas. Thank you, Winnebago! 
 The Biker pulls out his trusty drill, lines up a few holes, and voila!
 We have a door handle again!
 "Good job! This means more walks, right?"
 This also means we can use the screen door on again!
 "Um, Mom? It's January and 40 degrees. Why is this door open?!?"


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