Thursday, January 3, 2019

Staying at Fort Blugrass Mobile Home Park

Hi! Before we get into this park review,we wanted to take just a moment to talk about Amazon Camperforce. Amazon Camperforce is a temporary work program for RV'ers who want to help out with holiday rush. Sadly, there is a couple of "news" articles currently circulating about the program that cast Amazon as a draconian overlord, working senior citizens to death in Bezos' salt mines. 

Um, no. Camperforce is an awesome program that allows Amazon to ramp up for the holidays, while giving retired and semi-retired RVers a way to make some extra cash. RV'ers get paid hourly (with time and half for overtime) AND get free rent (Amazon covers lot rent for Camperforce employees at local RV parks). Many RV'ers return to the same distribution center year after year, making lasting friendships as well. Oh, and Amazon pays a nice bonus to everyone who stays to the end of the season.

If we had one quible with the program, its that the RV parks in the Louisville/Shepherdsville metroplex are, um, interesting. White Acres (Bardstown) and Grandma's (Shepherdsville) are ran by owners who have some rather strange quirks. North Louisville Campground, where we stayed last year, wasn't one of the Amazon park options this year, but Amazon has added Fort Bluegrass Mobile Home Park
Let's talk about the cons first. This is a very old mobile home park, and it does back up to train tracks and a warehouse area. Having said that, new owners bought the park in May of 2018 and they have been working hard to fix the park up and bring in newer units. We saw a lot of improvements in the park in the four months we stayed there.
Dog Friendly: The park does not have a dog park and there is no off leash areas to excercise a dog near by. There are some neighborhood streets and athletic fields close by which do provide good places to walk a dog on leash.

Motorcycle Friendly: The park's roads are asphalt, but be aware there are some enormous speed bumps in this park!
Cell Service/Wifi: Verizon was 2-3 bars, without a booster. The park does have free wifi, but its definitely a work in process.
Amenities: Currently the park doesn't offer many amenities, except for a laundry room. The owner is putting in showers and bathrooms, but we are not sure when these will be ready. We also feel we should point out that the owner is still trying to sort out issues with winterizing water connections at the different sites - we weren't the only campers who had issues.

Getting There: The park is just off of I-65 and technically in Watterson Park, which is in the southern outskirts of Louisville. Once again, we will mention the speed bumps - go slow entering and exiting the park! 

Local Stuff: There is a Walmart, Target, and Krogers an easy one mile walk (just follow the sidewalk past the athletic fields) and Costco isn't much further. The park is also just south of 264. The area above 264 is known as Highlands/Bardstown and is well known for its restaurants. Talking about restaurants, we definitely recommend Tumbleweed, which is right around the corner, just past the Krogers.


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