Friday, August 25, 2017

Visiting Clinton - Part II

So, So Many Antiques 

After Harry's wonderful tour of the cabin, we hopped back on our Shadow and zipped over to Clinton. We decided to start by grabbing something light to eat at Hoskin's Drug Store. We're glad we only got a snack, because the food was very bland and all three waitresses were grouchy, snapping at both customers and each other. We've heard this is a great place to get a hamburger, so maybe the waitstaff and the cook was having an off day???
We'd heard Clinton has everything you could want if you love antiques, and we weren't disappointed. 
There are around two dozen antiques stores, arranged in a 'L' shape along Market Street and Main Street. 
There were also a couple of shops selling local crafts.
Most of the shops were enormous, with two or even three floors full of treasures.
This is cool but it's probably not going to fit on the motorcycle - or in the RV, huh?
Anybody still listening to tapes and eight tracks? If so, there is a shop in Clinton that you're going to love 😀
 Apparently there are people who collect X-Rays. You've got to wonder how their spouses explain their 'hobby' to neighbors.
 After a long day, looking and shopping (we found a couple of Christmas gifts that we could just squeeze onto the motorcycle) it was time for food! We went to the River Grill, which we highly recommend. The restaurant is under new ownership, and the owners are wonderful, friendly people who clearly care about both their diners and their staff.

The Biker tried the pulled pork sandwich, while I tried the blackened grouper. Both were excellent and so was the baked beans, while the mashed potatoes and the hush puppies were OK. To be fair, though, if you prefer traditional hush puppies, these were very good. We're just used to the Texas way of making hush puppies, which means a dash of sugar and some green onions. 

We made sure to bring a hush puppy home to Crockett and as you can see, he thought we were being way too picky and the hush puppies were very tasty!
Know Before You Go: 

There is free parking at Church Street, 137-199 E Church St (It's a large triangle-shaped parking lot between East Church Street, Commerce Street, and N. Charles G Seviers Road). Be prepared to walk. 

All the stores we entered had entrances level with the sidewalk, but you will need to take stairs to get to the other floor.

There are two antique fairs a year in Clinton, one in May (next one is May 5th, 2018) and the other one in October (the next one is Oct 14, 2017)

A list of shops and various local events is available here.


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