Monday, July 3, 2017

We Are On Our Way to Tennessee!

We Are On Our Way to Tennessee!

Texarkana to Benton, Arkansas

Wednesday, finds us on the road, zooming up to Texarkana to get gas at Flying J, where we experience another first - our first RV dedicated gas pumps! Traffic is (thankfully) light and we make good time. We stop in JB's RV Park in Benton for the night.

Benton is the capital of Saline County. Benton is known for having a really cool mural on one of it's downtown buildings, but we won't have a chance to check it on this trip. We are so tired, we pay for a second night, just so we can sleep. Oh, and do some much-needed catching up on laundry. (Dedicated RV gas pumps and laundry - the excitement never stops, huh?)

Onward to Tennessee!

Friday, our faithful Otterbee takes us (and our folded laundry) east to Hwy 40 and then into Tennessee. If we'd been good bloggers, we would have a picture of the Mississippi river, but um, yeah, that didn't happen. Whoops 😃
We did get a picture of the pyramid in Memphis. Apparently, this used to be a stadium, but has since been turned into a Bass Pro megastore. Seems a bit fishy to us!

Then It Begins to Rain

We leave Memphis and immediately get caught in rain. Not just rain, but can-barely-see-the-end-of-the-hood rain. We consider pulling off, but all the exits we pass have some crazy sharp turns. We slow down to under 50 and creep along for the next 15 minutes, and finally drive out of the storm. Our knuckles remain white for the next hour, but at least the Otterbee is clean and shiny again!

Hurricane Mills to Knoxville

We stop for the night at the Buffalo/I-40 KOA on the westside of Nashville. The town is called Hurricane Mills and is also home of the Loretta Lynn Ranch.

Somewhere back in Alabama, the laptop and the Verizon jetpack decide to stage a revolt and flatly refuse to work. We finally give up on any attempt to update the blog and hang out in the dog yard, instead. Not quite as exciting as doing laundry in Arkansas, but pretty darn close. 

We Skip Nashville and Head Into Knoxville

Saturday, we wake up to a very full RV park. It's Saturday and Fourth of July weekend. We look at each other and decide to take 840 around Nashville, to avoid any extra traffic because of the holiday. It turns out the loop is deserted and we have 840 to ourselves. 

We connect back to 40 just east of Lebanon (and home of the original Cracker Barrel) and don't really see much traffic until we hit Knoxville. It's definitely Fourth of July - traffic is pretty heavy through Knoxville and one point, we come to a standstill as we enter the flyover for 75. 

Fortunately, traffic starts flowing again and we are soon turning onto Raccoon Valley. A few minutes later, we are pulling into Raccoon Valley RV Park. We pull the Otterbee into a spot near the back, which will be our home for the next two months! 


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