Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our First Road Trip!

Our First Road Trip!

Goodbye Jim Hogg Park - Hello Hwy 79

We have spent nine wonderful days in Jim Hogg Park, but July is around the corner and it's time to escape the Texas heat! Before we leave the park, we dump the gray tank (and are reminded again how much we love having a composting toilet)
Then we boot scoot down a back road to 29, and cut over to Tollroad 130. The Otterbee zips south and then turns east onto 79, which is one of our favorite highways in Texas. Highway 79 takes you across the hills of Central Texas, through pockets of blackland prairie, and then into the piney woods of East Texas.
Most of the traffic is semis, hauling everything from logs to train wheels!

We park for the night in Marshall, Texas

We leave 79 and head up to Marshall, to park for the night at Laguna Vista, a teeny tiny RV park. Marshall was a pretty big town during the nineteenth century, and one of the towns that made munitions for the Confederate army during the Civil War. 

After the war, Wiley College was founded in Marshall, for the education of African Americans. Wiley College alumni would later be instrumental in abolishing Jim Crow laws. Author George Dawson is from Marshall, and wrote Life is Good, a book that is on the long, long list of books-we-want-to-read.

Tomorrow, we head to Texarkana and into Arkansas! 

Eventually, we will grab Hwy 40 east, which will take us through Memphis, Nashville, and then to our final destination, Knoxville!


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