Sunday, October 22, 2017

Frankfort Avenue (Free!)

Taking a Stroll on Frankfort
The Biker is now working 6 days a week, which leaves very little time for sightseeing. On Friday, we managed to squeeze in a few hours to grab a bite to eat and explore Frankfort Avenue. We parked at the free public parking behind Carmichael's, a local bookstore - and yes, we bought a book there. It's important to support independent bookstores!

Frankfort Avenue used to be a turnpike back in the 1850s, and is still a major thoroughfare to downtown Louisville.
 Frankfort has many boutiques, restaurants, shops, and-
 the occasional painted horse. This one is, apparently, over a barrel at being on display on historic Frankfort.
The street runs through a couple of neighborhoods. One is the Clifton neighborhood, which was mostly built in the years between 1850 and 1910.
The other neighborhood is Crescent Hill, a city also founded in the 1850s and annexed by Louisville in the late 19th century.
This building serves two purposes. It's the Crescent Hill Baptist Church, as well as the second campus for the Highlands Latin School.

The area is known for it's many historic old homes and eclectic local businesses.
 Red Hog, a butcher shop, had some awesome smelling barbecue going. We were tempted, but decided to keep walking and see what we could find for lunch.

 Many of the shops had beautiful and creative window displays.
This shop window was going all out for Halloween, including a nattily dressed ghost.
Vint Coffee Company had the right idea - 'Drink More Coffee!'
Oh look, it's Mona Lisa, horsing around!
 The movie of the month at the local library branch was 'The Shining'. Redrum! 
So where did we eat? Caspian Grill, a teeny tiny little bistro with a wonderful owner.  The Biker ordered a burger and fries. The burger was juicy and flavorful, and the french fries were perfect. I had the lamb kebobs, with rice and a side of hummus. The lamb kebobs were absolutely delicious, and the the rice was fresh and seasoned just right. The biggest surprise was the musto khiar, which is a sauce of yogurt and cucumber (in the black bowl, above). It was fresh and tangy, and I could have easily eaten an entire bowl! Highly recommended!


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