Sunday, March 18, 2018

RV Kitchen: Our New Coleman Stove!

Continuing our blog catch up...

We pulled out of Rainbow Plantation on Thursday and headed north on 59. The original plan was to get groceries and spend the night at the Walmart at Bay Minette. That plan changed when we did our usual perusal of the clearance aisle...
Yup, a three burner Coleman stove for $30!

We had looked at buying a camping stove before leaving Austin, but decided to spend our money on a portable grill instead - this one here (Which, yes, we got on sale, and with an additional 20% off)
First unpacking!
Initial impressions? The three burners makes a nice, stable cooking area, especially if you are using a grill. The wind screens are a nice design, but feel a bit flimsy, especially for a Coleman. 
We also suspect the starter button will eventually break - it's very inexpensive plastic. For the price we paid, we'll happily enjoy the feature while we have it.

Oh, and if you are wondering about our 'grill', we just bought an inexpensive grilling pan at Walmart and took the handle off. It's the perfect size for cooking for two people, and very lightweight!
Oh, and Crockett did a taste test and gave it the husky stamp of approval!


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