Wednesday, June 28, 2017

10 Things We Have Already Learned!

10 Things We've Already Learned!

We've been on the road for a week and half, and we've learned a lot of things about full-timing. Here are our top 10 (with bonus pictures of Jim Hogg Park, cuz it's such a pretty park!)

1. Make sure to buy TST before you head out out on your first camping trip. Especially if 1) your RV has been sitting in storage for a while and 2) you are camping in Texas in June. Our gray tank was a little funky.

2. It's also a good idea to check that you put the chocks on the motorcycle trailer before you step into it. 

3. Whoever created Reflectix should get a Nobel Prize. Texas summers are hot and we were glad we packed a roll of the stuff!

4. Talking about packing, the best technique is the 2-2-2 packing method. Spend two weeks carefully planning and packing your RV. Two days before you leave, panic that you've overloaded the tail and frantically repack the back third. Spend two days after arriving unable to find anything, give up, and completely repack your RV again. So simple and so easy!
5. Food really does taste best when eaten outdoors.

6. You also get a lot more exercise cooking outdoors. You start cooking and then discover you need 1) a spice you left back in the RV or 2) a utensil you left back in the RV or 3) the lighter you left back in the RV or 4) the extra propane tank that is of course, on the other side of the RV - in a locked compartment. 
7. Full-timing allows you to celebrate the little things in life - like finally figuring where you packed the laundry soap.
8. Always stop for gas when the gauge hits the halfway point. You really don't want to watch the needle creeping toward the 'E' when you are stuck in a highway construction zone.

9. If you want to provide entertainment for your neighbors, just put out the manual awning. We may still be learning how to do that without looking like the Keystone Cops...
10. Full-timing means having priorities. We packed extra kitty toys, extra dog leashes, an extra bag of dog chews - and apparently didn't pack the charging cord to the most expensive electronic thing we own.
Bonus tip! Take the length of your RV, add the height of your RV, then multiply by the number of pets on board. This is how many times you need to sweep each day to keep the RV clean. Round up.

Next post, we will rate Jim Hogg Park and then - road trip to Tennessee! 

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  1. Point 4 is noted in particular. And the bonus tip. Reminds me of having three dogs and a baby who crawled commando style- sweeping once a day for each dog and buying stock in Shout (or just attaching the Swiffer wipe to the front of the onesie and calling it good)

    1. Maybe Swiffer should just make a special onesie! That would be a great invention! Looks like y'all are having fun in Amsterdam! O is clearly loving his first international vacation!