Thursday, June 22, 2017

Living High on the Hogg - Jim Hogg Park!

Goodbye Austin! 

After a long and crazy week of packing, we finally manage to fit (read 'cram') our stuff into the RV. It's a good thing we were living in a teeny, tiny bungalow - and that we bought an RV with a pass through!

Straps on motorcycle secure? Check!

Trailer pin and chains secure? Check!

Dog and cats unhappily glaring in crates? Double check!

I put the key in the ignition - and then I turned to Mr. Biker and ask him to please check the microwave in the house.  Sure enough, I had left my lunch in the microwave! Food in hand and crisis averted, we punched Jim Hogg Park into the GPS, and hit the road!

Hello Jim Hogg Park!

Forty minutes later, we pull into Jim Hogg Park, an Army Corps of Engineers park in Georgetown. I hop out of the RV, and immediately feel like I took a time machine back to my childhood. I grew up in a Texas town just north of Dallas, and spent my summers at a day camp near what is now Lake Grapevine. Even the pavilions at Jim Hogg look suspiciously like the ones at my childhood lake. I think the camp had a little bit more greenbriar and poison oak, though!

We're camping in the upper loop, which is much quieter!

Jim Hogg is definitely a locals' park. It's late June and the lower loop is full of families, while the upper loop has only a handful of local fishermen. We find this gives us the best of both worlds. In the morning, we make breakfast and putter around the campsite, without seeing anybody except the occasional camp host. In the evening, we stroll over to the upper loop, where everybody seems to be competing for the best-smelling campfire dinner, and kids chase each other through pavilions festooned with Christmas lights.

Tomorrow, we close on the house!

Our wonderful real estate agent has sent us an email to check on us, and remind us the house closing is tomorrow morning. I think she's a little worried that we may run off to the woods and never come back! So, we have one more adult thing we have to do - and then we can run away for the summer!


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