Monday, January 8, 2018

Taking It Easy in Alabama

Taking It Easy in Alabama
Our first week in Alabama is cold - unseasonably cold! We're glad we put an extend-a-stay propane thingie on the RV, so we have a portable propane bottle. 
For those wondering, no, we didn't go get propane on the motorcycle.  Hunter's human, whom we met back in Knoxville, gave us a ride up to a local hardware store.
Of course, the cold brings out the crazies in our husky, which means lots of walks,
where we can admire the Christmas decorations.
 These people even decorated their RV. Hmmm, maybe next year.
 Finally, after a week of being lazy, Sunday warmed up into the low 50s. While I made turkey noodle soup, The Biker went for a short ride down to Fairhope - and ocean!
Fairhope was founded by 28 people back in 1894 as a Georgist colony. It is one of only three Georgist colonies still in existance, and one of the few places where there is a single tax, paid by the town's residents.
Shux on the Pier. One of the many tempting restaurants in Fairhope.
 Here's another odd fact. Did you know that Fairhope has been home to more authors than any other town in the U.S.? Crazy but true. At one time, it even had three residents with books on the best seller list.


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