Thursday, January 4, 2018

We're In Alabama!

Road Trip!
Amazon releases everyone a couple of days early, so we pack quickly and leave. The forecast say that there may be snow and possible sleet for Christmas in Clarksville. It's time to head south!
We stay on 65, and spend the trip asphalt camping at Walmarts and rest areas.
There is a lot of interesting and tempting places to stop, but its just too cold and rainy to stop. Maybe next time!
Tennessee had their Welcome Center decked out for the holidays.
Our Christmas dinner was sweet potatoes and barbecue turkey. A few days later, we stopped in Alabama at Bates' House of Turkey for a real turkey dinner. The turkey was moist, and the sides were awesome. Especially the cream corn!
Yes, we're in Alabama! Now where's that warmer weather?
It's hard to miss the Alabama Welcome Center -
that's a Saturn 1B rocket!
There is also several memorials, including one for the Vietnam War,
and another for the Korean War. May we never forget those who sacrificed so much for our country. 
Also, can we just take a moment to thank all the volunteers and security staff that worked on what was a very cold and wet holiday weekend to keep the rest stops and welcome centers clean and open? 
It rained pretty much the whole trip, but we finally started to see sun when we hit the capital of Alabama - 
An hour later, we stopped again at the rest stop at Greenville. 
The next day, we saw three trucks being ferried south. After several days of driving, this will make you do a double take!
Don't you love it when towns go all out for the holidays? 
We're in Foley! Next stop, Summerdale, but first-
Shopping! Crockett desperately needs a new bed. Being good dog parents, we buy one that is almost identical to his old bed, which he loves. We also buy some baking pans that fit in the toaster oven. The dog is happy, the cook is happy. Mission accomplished!
Random photo of tank. You're welcome.
Of course, we can't arrive in Southern Alabama without stopping at Lambert's. We tucked into fried chicken, fried catfish, and plenty of mashed potatoes, baked beans, and turnip greens.  They also bring  you extra sides, as if we didn't have enough food already. And yes, we caught all the rolls that were thrown at us. We can see why everyone insists you have to eat at Lambert's - and we're glad we did!


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