Thursday, April 12, 2018

Hopping Good Time in New Orleans - Part II

We also had some free time to explore New Orleans. The park 'provides' a shuttle to the French Quarter. Actually, the cost is six dollars for a round trip, but this was included in our HOP package.
Wael and Anna  are wonderful! We fell in love with their unique style and bought one of their CDs.

New Orleans has statues tucked into every corner.
New Orleanians definitely have their own style,
and enjoy an impromptu parade.

 We spent our last Friday along the river.

This is the haunting Holocaust memorial, which changes depending on where you stand..
Monument to the Immigrant, which has been repaired and restored.
On Friday, we also went on a cocktail tour and a ghost tour.
Since we don't drink, the cocktail tour was only mildly entertaining, but the ghost tour was great - although we kept passing other ghost tours!
Saturday, we took a break from the tourist stuff and went on a long motorcycle ride down the coast. Being bad bloggers, we didn't take any good photos - we were too busy enjoying the ride. Oh, and we saw porpoises!

 Sunday, we took one last stroll in New Orleans, this time down Canal Street.
Did we mention it was Easter Sunday? 
Of all the streets we explored, Canal was our favorite.
The architecture is beautiful,
and a bit whimsical!
The Molly Marine statue! This was the first statue of a woman in uniform erected in the United States.
Swamp Tour!
Canal Street also has palm trees
and more palm trees and
Finally, we made a special trip out to Providence Memorial Park. This is a historical black cemetery and the resting place of one of my favorite singers, Johnny Adams. 

Johnny was one of the greatest soul singers who ever lived - but he preferred to stay in New Orleans. We want to thank the wonderful and kind grounds keeper who took time to direct us to Johnny's grave, even though there were several funerals going on.

Just around the corner from Johnny is the grave site of Mahalia Jackson, the great gospel singer. 

We spent our final day in New Orleans just chilling. We cooked out with a friend we'd met and enjoyed one last sunset.
The next morning, we packed up and headed to - Texas!


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