Friday, June 8, 2018

Um, How Do You Say Kosciusko County?

Yup, we're in Indiana! We found ourselves facing a midwest heat wave, so we flew through Missouri and Illinois, then headed northeast to Kosciusko county in Indiana.  It's good to have relatives who have hookups!
 Crockett is also happy to have cooler weather - and grass!
So, what've we done the past week? Well, we've done a lot of riding,
 and, of course, we grabbed lunch at Penguin Point, a small local chain.
 We also popped over to North Webster for that Hoosier specialty,
 elephant ears!
North Webster's businesses all went for a 'Camelot' theme back in the day. This leftover castle was once the bank. 
Somebody bought this old church and converted it to a residence,
complete with aliens!
This is the Dixie, Indiana's oldest paddleboat. She was launched in 1929 and has been cruising North Webster lake ever since!
We had to check out the well-known Amish bakery, Rise' n Roll. They might be known for their doughnuts, but their sticky buns are insanely good. 
We also walked around Warsaw for a bit. Warsaw's courthouse is gorgeous, 
and of course, it has a marker commemorating Andrzej Tadeusz Bonawentura 

Digression! Kościuszko was a Polish-Lithuanian who was a friend of Thomas Jefferson, and a military architect who designed defenses for the Continental army.  A few years later, Kościuszko led an unsuccessful Polish revolt against Russia. His will requested his money be used to free and educate U.S. slaves, but sadly, this never happened.
There is a memorial on the courthouse grounds honoring local citizens who made the ultimate sacrifice.
While we were looking at the names, we noticed something heartbreaking in the list of Civil War soldiers. Kirkpatrick was a popular name at the time, but these men were still probably from the same family.
We enjoyed our ride back, winding through the Indiana countryside,
and some great riding roads. Well, they would be great if Indiana would do just a little more maintenance.
Kosciusko County is known for its many lakes, which were formed when the glaciers melted 14,000 years. 

Another digression! Probably the most popular, and hard to catch, fish in this area is a musky (Esox masquinongy), A musky is a large and fairly aggressive fish, and yes, they do bite!
When we were in Syracuse, we made sure to snap a picture of the Down Under Bar and Grill. Well, we took a picture of the bar's location - it's actually underground!
Of course, you can't cruise through small towns without spotting random armaments, 
and a random tank or two!
This is Ligonier, known for its downtown murals,
and  a few assorted statues.
This is the Solomon Mier Bed and Breakfast. Solomon Meir was a Jew who founded many of the town's businesses and who built this esquisite Queen Anne. Did you spot the buggy?
Another statue, This is Oliver Cromwell, standing tall in Cromwell, Indiana. 
We also took a day and went  to Shipshewana,  well known for their Amish businesses and farms.
The Amish do not like to have their photos taken, so we just took pictures of the photos of buggies and farms.
Shipshewana's big claim to fame is it's enormous flea market - 15 acres! It's not free, but parking is only $3.00.
We fortified ourselves with breakfast at the flea market's restaurant, then started shopping. We ended up walking for hours.
Can we talk about how cute this couple is? 
Yoder also has a large meat and cheese store, but lucky for us, we had no more room on the motorcycle!
We did find room after that breakfast for a fried pie, though - delicious!
It's been a fun week!


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