Friday, June 29, 2018

Mermaid Festival (Free!)

The Lions Club opened a chapter in North Webster, way back in 1945. The group focuses on tackling community issues, and held a Mermaid parade as a fundraiser. 73 years later, the parade has become a town tradition, the Mermaid Festival. 

The festival is held the last full week of June and features two parades (a children's parade and the bigger Saturday parade), music, ski shows, fireworks, and yes, a demolition derby. Oh, and during the festival, there's also a Midway on the town's festival grounds. The festival has a website, but we recommend you pick up a Mermaid Festival guide, available at local shops and restaurants. The guide no only has a list of activities, but also tells you which churches and organizations are hosting dinners and other fundraisers during the festival. 
There is both a King and Queen (Mermaid?), as well as the Cutie Kings and Queens.
The Cutie parade's theme was "World of Sports". We took a lot of photos, but feel a bit odd posting pictures of kids without permission. We'll show you a couple where you cannot see the kids' faces. 

This little girl and her dad had a very creative take on the Winter Olympics - complete with snow globe!
Another great float! This girl was clearly enjoying spending time with her dad.
And now the main parade. Thank you veterans,
and fire fighters!
Yogi Bear and friends made a visit from Jellystone.
There were quite a few marching bands,
and a few boats.
This was the smallest car in the parade.
I think this is the first parade we've ever seen with an armored bank truck.
Old vehicles of every size, from tractors to
a very early Ford. Yes, it has a calliope mounted in it!
So, so many jeeps -
and quite a few Corvettes!
After a pretty impressive parade, we wandered down to the Midway to grab some fair food.
Watched the kiddos enjoy the rides,
A few kids even got brave enough to ride the roller coaster.

Stuffed with corn dogs and funnel cakes and elephant ears, we sat down to watch the demolition derby. If you haven't attended a demolition derby, the rules are simple. The last vehicle to still be running AND moving is the wins the heat. Eventually (after a lot of smoke, loud crashing, and the occasional engine fire) the winners from the heats face off against each other. We'll let the photos speak for themselves!


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