Sunday, July 1, 2018

Hall of Heroes - Superhero Museum

Hall of Heroes
The Hall of Heroes is a superhero musuem tucked away on a residential street in Elkhart. Admission is $6.00.  Can we just take a moment to appreciate that Allen Stewart has one of the coolest garages in the United States?

Address: 58005 Co Rd 105, Elkhart, IN 46517
The Hall of Heroes is behind a house It is currently run by Allen, so we'd advise to check the website for current hours first. The museum is in his backyard, so the only parking is in his drive.
This little fellow made sure to greet us when we arrived.
A list of just some of the things in the museum. As you can probably guess, Allen is currently fundraising to move the museum to a bigger building. He's run out of space to display everything!
We want to take a moment and apologize for the quality of these photos. The museum is not very well lit, and flash photography is prohibited. 
The original Captain America shield, from the movies. As far as we can tell,it's not vibranium.
Remember this show? This is a costume from the Greatest American Hero.
This costume was not from the Batman show. It's Adam West's personal costume, which he wore when attending events. Very cool.
Oh hey, it's Lockjaw!
Flashback time! Anyone remember these?
Or these?
The museum has a huge collection of comics. Here are some displayed in the Silver Age exhibit,
and a few more in the Golden Age Exhibit.
Hey, we spot Heroclix!
Pretty sure we all had these lunchboxes and thermoses growing up. Wonder if Skrull and the Impossible Man trade lunches?
Kurt Wagoner! Wunderbar!
A case of DC figures and collectibles. Love all the Watchmen and Justice League. We didn't get a good picture of it, but there's even a Jonah Hex.
Teen Titans!
Krypto and Beepo!
Another flashback. How many Gen Xers played with these?
The museum has a great collection of Batman memorabilia and Dectective Comics.
Yup, it's the actual Ghostride bike from the movie!
And finally, the car that got crushed in the first Iron Man movie!


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