Sunday, July 15, 2018

Staying at Castle Rock Campground

We stayed at Castle Rock County Park for three nights. Price is $23 a night for electric, plus $5 for any tow vehicle. Season pass is $20, so may be a better bargain for your tow, if you are staying for more than 4 days. This is a fairly large park, located on Wisconsin's fourth biggest lake. And, to clear up some confusion, there are three Castle Rock Parks in this area. This review is for Castle Rock County Park in Juneau County.  Finally, a big thanks to the relative who paid for our camping at this park - we really appreciate it!

Address:N6700 22nd Ave. Mauston WI 53948

Dog Friendly: There is no designated dog area, but the park is big, and there are plenty of places to walk a pet. 

Motorcycle Friendly: The park's roads are laid out to be one direction, which is nice. The downside is while the main paved roads through the park are well-maintained, the roads between the spaces are in very poor condition. Also, we would suggest not riding at night if possible. This area is well known for having a lot of deer-vehicle collisions.
Cell Service/Wifi: Verizon was 2-3 bars, without a booster.

Amenities: The park has bathrooms and paid showers ($1 for 12 minutes). Water is available, but there is no water at the campsites.
Getting There: This park is an easy 15 minutes from Highway 90.  We would, however, recommend calling ahead and getting directions - or at least making sure you are heading toward 22nd  Avenue! This park was listed in our GPS, but the information was a little off. We had to do some back tracking, using Google Maps, to find it.

Know Before You Go: The sites are large, but are not well marked and the park doesn't have much lighting. We would suggest making sure you get to the park by late afternoon, so you have plenty of time to set up before the sun goes down.  

There are two different loops in this park. We stayed in loop A, which has larger sites and is more spread out. If you intend to use the beach, we recommend loop A, so your campsite is just an easy walk over the hill .Also, the park says it offers concessions, but all we saw was vending machines for sodas... 
Local Stuff: The park is an easy drive from Wisconsin Dells, which has plenty of stuff to do!

If you need groceries, there is a Festival Foods, about 15 minutes away. We'd also recommend getting gas at AmericanInn in New Lisbon, which is a truck stop on Highway 90. Not only is their parking lot an easy in and out for a motorhome, but its a good place to fuel up yourself and passengers. They offer pizza, chicken, sandwiches, and have a small restaurant as well!


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