Wednesday, July 12, 2017

RV Hack - DIY Solar Screens!

RV Hack - DIY Solar Screens!

While Kentucky is not nearly as warm as Texas, it's still July and we can tell our windows are heating up in the afternoon. We do have Reflectix on the windows to block some of the heat, but we kept thinking - wouldn't it be nice to also have solar screens? When we were living in our sticks and bricks, we had solar screens on our every window that got full sun, and these screens made a huge difference.

We looked at some online options to order custom blinds for our RV, but quickly realized that a cheaper option was to make our own!

List of materials:

1. Roll of solar screening from hardware store (We used this, but measure your windows and buy the quantity you need)
2. Heavy duty velcro. We bought a 15 foot roll, but again, buy what you need.
3. Black duct tape
4. Ladder
5. Extra pair of hands (it helps if there is a human attached to them)
6. Bottle of water, cuz it's July

Step 1. Cut a piece of screening. Lay it out (Yup, that's our floor. We removed the old carpet and vinyl, and put down Stainmaster Oyster Travertine and we love it!)

Step 2. Hem one edge with black duct tape. The easiest way to do this is to cut a piece of duct tape the length of your screen, and lay it with sticky side up. Carefully press the screen to the halfway point of the tape, then fold the duct tape over the edge. You may want to run your knife handle over the tape a couple of times to get any bubbles or wrinkles out.

Step 3. Flip it over and hem the other edge. We only did the top and the bottom, but you can certainly go crazy and do all 4 sides. Knock yourself out.

Step 4. Affix the screen to the top of the window frame with Velcro. We decided to add a little more Velcro along the bottom to keep the screens snug.  Here is our living room and cab over windows with their new 'custom' solar screens.

Step 5. Go inside and exchange your water for something stronger, and enjoy having a cooler RV! 😁


  1. that is so 'cool'..haha...thanks !

  2. Yep, we are just chillin' out now :-D

    You're welcome!