Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Staying at Elk City Lake Park

We stayed at Elk City Lake Park for four days. The park is run by the city and RVs are allowed to stay for up to four days for free, within a 30 day time period.

Address: D1137 Rd, Elk City, OK 73644

Dog Friendly: The park does not have a dog yard, but there are many areas to walk away from the lake, which is well-used by the locals. There is a trail around the lake, but it's designed for bicycles, and is a bit too rough for dog-walking.
Motorcycle Friendly: The park's roads are paved and well-maintained. There also a great motorcycle road around the lake. Although we'd like the road to be a little less straight, there is enough hills and great views to make up for the lack of bends.

Cell Service/Wifi: Verizon is 3-4 bars, without a booster.
Amenities: Each site has electric hook ups and there is a nearby pavilion with picnic tables. There is water, but connecting requires a very long hose! There is an older bathroom near the RV sites that doesn't have doors, and isn't in very good shape. There is another bathhouse further from the campsites which does have bathrooms, as well as a shower. The shower requires you to hold down a button, however, so you need to be a wee bit limber!

Getting There: Elk City Lake Park is right off of Highway 40 and well-marked. Our GPS, however, routed us through a surburban neighborhood. The roads through the neighorhood were wide and easy to navigate, but we suggest checking your GPS if you'd rather not drive through a neighborhood!
Know Before You Go: The park only has five RV spots, and stayed full while we were there. There are several places other places at the lake where you can boondock overnight while waiting for a spot.

Local Stuff: Elk City has a five museum complex just minutes from the park, which only costs $5.00 for full admission. There is also another Highway 66 museum in Clinton, which is $7.00. Washita Battleground National Site is about 40 minutes away, and is free. There is a Walmart about 10 minutes from the park if you need groceries.


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