Thursday, May 24, 2018

Staying at Pontchartrain Landing

(another catch up post. We promise we only have a couple more of these!)

We stayed at Pontchartrain Landing for eight days. We got a special deal because we were there for an Escappees HOP, but we understand there are different prices, depending on where in the park you want to stay.

Address: 7001 France Rd, New Orleans, LA 70126

Dog Friendly: The park does not have any specified areas for dogs. Because this park sits in an industrial area of New Orleans, there wasn't any other options near the park to walk a dog either. We choose to board Crockett during most of our stay, and Pet Paradise in Kenner was wonderful. In fact, Pet Paradise might've gone a bit overboard in trying to take care of our oh so neurotic baby. We warned them Crockett is a finicky eater who skips meals regularly, but still got several calls from staff who 'just wanted to let us know Crockett was refusing to eat'. Um, yes, we know - he doesn't even eat for us sometimes!
Motorcycle Friendly: This park's roads are gravel. While the RV park's roads are maintained, France Road and many other New Orleans roads are in very poor condition. Add in New Orlean's traffic and we'd recommend using extreme caution while riding here.
Cell Service/Wifi: Verizon was 2-3 bars, without a booster. The park does offer free wifi, but it only seems to work in the restaurant area.

Amenities: The park has two sets of bathrooms, both with showers. There is also a pool, and a hot tub. There were minor maintenance issues with the bathrooms while we stayed here. The park does offer propane, and has one of the nicer restaurants we've seen in a RV park.

Getting There: You will need to take France Road to reach this park. The road is poorly maintained, and not RV-friendly, so go slow! 
Know Before You Go: Although it bills itself as a resort, it feels like the owners are more worried about keeping expenses low, and doing the bare minimum to keep the park going. There are numerous long-term RVs in poor condition, dead plants in the landscaping, and obvious maintenance issues.
Another example is the shuttle. The park's website says it offers shuttle service, but the shuttle only runs a couple of times a day, stops at 8 pm, and costs $6 a round trip. Even worse, the designated pick up area in the French Quarter is right next to a restaurant's trash cans - yuck! Having said all of this, we talked to campers who make frequent trips to New Orleans, and they say this is the best of the RV parks in the immediate area. 
Local Stuff: Duuude, it's New Orleans! Oh, and there is a Walmart within ten  minutes of the park.


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